Airthrill's Fun-Filled Adventures: The Ultimate Entertainment For Everyone!

Are you looking for a thrilling day out with your kids that will keep them entertained and forget about their studies for a day? Look no further than Airthrill! With its variety of activities and Falkirk trampoline park, Airthrill guarantees a day full of fun and excitement. Here are six reasons why Airthrill should be your destination for a fun-filled family day. 

Adrenaline package

Airthrill offers an adrenaline package that provides 75 minutes of jump time, 30 minutes of party feast, unlimited cordial and water, a designated party host, and Air Thrill gripper socks. This package provides an unbeatable combination of excitement, food, and safety for your children.

Can easily be booked online

Airthrill provides inflatables that can be booked online with an easy-to-use website, eliminating the need for you to wait in line and ensuring you get the most out of your day.

Open jump

Airthrill offers open jump activities so your children can enjoy a range of different activities. These activities range from classic trampoline activities to dodgeball courts to an amazing inflatable Falkirk assault course, cardio wall, and much more.

Mini thrill seekers

Airthrill offers mini thrill seekers packages for preschool children who are accompanied by an adult. This provides a safe and fun environment for the little ones to enjoy without worrying about their safety.

ASN peaceful play sessions

Airthrill provides ASN peaceful play sessions two times per week if you need additional support. These sessions provide safe active fun for all age groups and are designed to be calming and relaxing with no music and a little less lightning to avoid flare so everyone can unwind peacefully.

Inflatable fun

Airthrill has a fantastic inflatable fun Falkirk activity that is designed to be enjoyed by all members of the family. Here you can enjoy a variety of activities including slides, bounce houses, and other obstacle courses.


Airthrill is the perfect destination if you’re looking for a thrilling day out with your kids that will keep them entertained and forget about their studies for a day. With their variety of activities, trampoline park, and multiple packages to choose from, they guarantee a day full of fun and excitement that will leave lasting memories for all family members. Additionally, they offer inflatable safety videos to watch before entering the course. So don't wait up, book your visit today!

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